(Vegetarian) Kidney Tonic 【素】壮腰补肾汤




In TCM, our Kidney governs our lower back and when the Kidneys are exhausted and weak, the corresponding lower back region becomes sore and its movement may be hindered. A deficient and lethargic Kidney will result in these classical clinical presentations which include aching sensation in the lower back region and knee joint, restricted lower back movement. In severe and prolonged cases, it could also lead to frequent urination, hasten aging process, and affects the reproduction ability in individuals.

Health benefits: Tonify Kidney’s biological function to reduce lower back aches and pain, to slow down ageing process

Herbal ingredients: Chinese yam (Shan Yao), Poria cocos (Fu Ling), Morinda officinalis (Ba Ji Tian), Cinnamon Twig (Gui Zhi), Wolfberry (Gou Qi Zi), Kidney beans, Agaricus subrufescens (Ba Xi Gu)


1) Rinse through all the herbal ingredients once. Drain and set aside.

2) Blanch the meat pieces in a pot of boiling water with 3 slices of ginger to remove scum and dirt. Pick the meat pieces out and set aside. (For vegetarians, please select suitable vegetarian ingredients for the soup base)

3) Add 1.5-2L of water and the herbal ingredients into a pot and bring it to boil. 

4) Once the water starts to boil, place the meat pieces back into the pot. 

5) Continue to simmer over high heat for 15-20 minutes before reducing to medium-low heat and simmer for another 90 minutes

中医学说:“腰者肾之府,转摇不能,肾将惫也” ,指出腰是肾脏居住的地方,腰酸、腰部活动不灵活,是肾脏就将“累坏“的表现,简单的说就是常常出现腰酸膝软,是肾虚的典型症状。肾脏若虚弱,除了腰酸外,还可导致尿频、提早衰老、甚至影响生育功能。


食材/药材:山药 、茯苓、巴戟、桂枝、枸杞子 、腰豆、 巴西菇 




3)准备一锅1.5 -2 公升清水,将洗净药材置入锅里;




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