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T visited EMW on the back of a failed transfer. In 2019, she had a stillbirth at week 38 due to thrombosis – a big blow to her mentally and physically. She tried naturally in 2020 without any success and decided to on IVF in 2021. She did an egg retrieval and got 9 blastocysts(excellent and good quality) and did her 1st transfer. With excellent quality, she expected things to go smoothly. Unfortunately there wasn’t any implantation, which accordingly to her due to many medicine and steroids nursing her back pain at that time. This was when she found us.

This time she was determined to made her 2nd transfer work. We did acupuncture and changed her diet and lifestyle habits. After 1 cycle, she got her hcg+ and we continue to perform acupuncture on her till she got out of first trimester. And on May 2021, she gave birth to a cute little girl.


A came into clinic after trying naturally unsuccessfully for 2 years.Her cycle was rather regular with 26 days, but had bad headache, backache, sore breast and soft stools during menses. We did a detailed TCM fertility assessment on our first visit and we discussed in depth lifestyle and dietary changes. 

We also did acupuncture and herbs for 2 cycles, before seeing a big fat positive on our 3rd cycle together. We continue our treatment until the end of first trimester as she has some pregnancy symptoms. Apr 2022, she received her first blessing!

#miscarriage #IVF

H, 34 years old, had been trying to conceive for a year. She had conceived naturally once, but unfortunately, the pregnancy had ended in miscarriage. After seeking medical help, she discovered that both of her fallopian tubes were blocked, which made conception very difficult. She decided to try IVF and underwent one cycle, but unfortunately, it was unsuccessful. 

Desperate for a solution, she turned to us and started undergoing a course of treatment that included Chinese herbal medicine, acupuncture, and moxibustion. She felt that the treatments helped to reduce her stress and anxiety, which could have been a factor in her previous unsuccessful attempts.

After three cycles of TCM treatment, she underwent another cycle of IVF. This time, to her great joy and surprise, she discovered that she was pregnant. The pregnancy progressed smoothly, and she gave birth to a healthy baby in Sep 2022.

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S’s journey to motherhood was not an easy one. After experiencing two miscarriages in a span of less than a year, she began to lose hope of ever having a successful pregnancy. She came to me in September 2021, at the age of 34. 

During her first consultation, S shared that she experienced heavy menstrual flow with clots, and fatigue during menses. An ultrasound also revealed that she had uterine fibroids. After 4 cycles of taking TCM herbal medications and regular acupuncture sessions, S tested positive for pregnancy in January 2022. However, her first ultrasound scan at week 5 of pregnancy showed a relatively low implantation, which could potentially lead to another miscarriage. Additionally, she had spotting at week 7 of pregnancy, which further heightened her anxiety.

Despite these challenges, S remained committed to her TCM treatments. She continued taking TCM herbs and doing acupuncture regularly to support her pregnancy. Her dedication paid off, and she successfully gave birth to her healthy baby in September 2022.


A, 26 years old, has been trying to conceive for the past 6 months. She was diagnosed with PCOS. She came to me on 20th Nov 2020 for regular reproductive health optimization while trying to conceive naturally. Her menstrual cycle was regular – usually about 35 days each cycle, but she experienced lower abdominal cramps and occasional clots during menses.

During her acupuncture treatment with me, she had been advised to monitor her BBT and cervical mucus so that she would be clear of her fertile window phase and the optimal time for intercourse to increase the chances of conceiving naturally. She had been diligent in following the dietary and lifestyle advice given at the same time. Throughout her acupuncture and Chinese herbs treatment with us, she managed to conceive naturally in June 21 and gave birth to her son in February 2022.  


H came to our clinic on the back of 4 IUIs, 1 fresh cycle, 3 transfer cycles. Sadly, none implanted. She also has a history of hypothyroidism. 

Her cycle was 28-42 days and she has severe menstrual cramps (simflex bid D1-2), breast tenderness before menses, backache, fatigue, watery stools during menses, bloatedness to name a few. After a detailed fertility assessment, we clear up her diet and fixed some of her lifestyle habits. We also started on acupuncture and herbs. After continuing for 5 cycles, she finally got pregnant on her 6th cycle! We were elated definitely, and even more so when we met up with her last year.

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B, 35 years old, had been trying to conceive for the past 5 years. She was diagnosed with a unicornuate uterus condition. She came to me on 30th April 2021 just after her IVF-ER cycle on March 21. She was looking to optimize her body constitution and reproductive health before her upcoming FET on May 21. Her menstrual cycle was usually regular, but she would experience sharp pain around her right lower abdomen as her right ovary is dominant during ovulation. 

She was comfortable and positive with acupuncture treatment as it helped her to be calm and less anxious with better night rest. While she was receiving acupuncture treatment at EMW, she had conceived naturally on May 21 to her pleasant surprise and continued to receive treatment up till the end of the first trimester. She successfully delivered her baby girl on Jan22. 

#endometriosis #PCOS #IVF #miscarriage

A had been trying to conceive for 5 and a half years. She was diagnosed with endometriosis, PCOS and hypothyroidism. She came to me when she was 35 (Dec 2021) with a history of 2 miscarriages, a failed IUI and 2 failed IVFs. Her menstrual cycle was regular, but she had severe menstrual cramps, as well as lower backache and fatigue during menses. She was also found to be having a ‘cold womb’ on her first visit here.

She did a cycle of acupuncture and moxibustion before trying for another round of frozen embryo transfer in Jan 2022, and it came back positive. She continued doing acupuncture until the end of her first trimester and successfully gave birth to her baby in Oct 2022.

#fibroid #IVF

C had a history of 4 fibroids, and also have been trying naturally for quite some time. She decided to try IVF and she approached EMW to help her optimise her chances for IVF. We started acupuncture 2 cycles before the IVF cycle, and we worked on her body constitution to reduce stress and also to improve blood flow to her reproductive organs.

We continued acupuncture during her egg retrieval cycle and transfer cycle. She had 3 blastocysts in total and she transferred 2 blasts during the transfer cycle.

Guess what? Both got implanted and boom! Twins were out healthily and well kicking(and fighting!) when we went to visit them.

#unexplained #IVF

D had been trying to conceive for a year and a half, did a round of IUI, 3 rounds of egg retrieval and a round of frozen embryo transfer prior to seeing me. She came to me when she was 39 (Nov 2021). Her menstrual cycle was regular, ultrasound scans and blood tests showed no abnormalities.

We helped her make changes to her diet and lifestyle habits and began incorporating acupuncture into her treatment plan. She did a cycle of acupuncture before trying for another round of IVF in Jan 2022, and it came back positive. She continued doing acupuncture until the end of her first trimester and successfully gave birth to her baby in Sep 2022.

#unexplained #IVF

C, 36 years old, had not been successful with her IVF-FET journey. She came to me on 13th July 2021 to optimise her reproductive health prior to her FET on 26 July 21. She had a weak constitution with chronic eczema, cold extremities and feeling fatigue most of the time. 

She received acupuncture treatment twice a week prior to her FET while being disciplined with dietary and lifestyle advice given to her. We did an acupuncture session after her FET procedure on that day and followed throughout till the end of the first trimester, mostly to manage her discomforts in early trimester and her skin issue. Her FET was successful, and she gave birth to her baby boy in May 2022.


M has been trying for a baby for close to 3 years and also did 3x IUI in 2020 without any success. She came to EMW and we did a detailed fertility assessment. We realised her cycle ranges from 28-35 days and each cycle was met with backache, fatigue,watery stools during menses, bloatedness. She was particularly stressful as she comes from a teaching background and she took 2-3 cups of coffee each day.

We changed and cleaned up her diet and lifestyle habits and started on Chinese herbs and acupuncture. We did close to 4 cycles of acupuncture before I told her that her body condition was much better and they could proceed on to try on their own. Without surprise, she got pregnant soon after and the rest of history.

#miscarriage #cyst #PCOS #endometriosis

Y had 3 miscarriages before, and was diagnosed with ovarian cyst, PCOS and endometriosis. She has been trying naturally for years and doctor suggested her to do IVF + laparoscopic surgery after a few cycles of clomid. Y rejected laparoscopy and prefer to continue trying naturally. That was when she found us at EMW.

We did a detailed consultation and assessment and we set our goals right and change her dietary and lifestyle habits. We started on TCM medications and also asked her to soak her legs on our customised TCM footbath. Surprise surprise, she managed to concieve shortly after that and 10 months later, of course we saw her newborn out healthily! Who says women with ovarian cyst, PCOS and endometriosis can’t be pregnant naturally? 🙂

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