TCM Pediatric Tuina

TCM Pediatric Tuina

TCM Pediatric Tuina

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), pediatric tuina is particularly useful as the body constitution of young infants and children is delicate as their organs are still developing rapidly and have yet to mature. This explains why they are vulnerable to common health issues such as respiratory, digestive, and sleep issues and pediatric tuina is gentle enough for children this age. As caregivers, it is heartening to see our little ones unwell. While physically being present with your child provides comfort, it is good to explore alternative holistic treatments to aid in their recovery.

Pediatric Tuina is a natural and non-invasive massage therapy specifically designed for young infants and children, between the age of 3 months old to 6 years old. It involves gentle stimulation of acupoints along the meridians on their delicate skin through rhythmic kneading, rubbing, and tapping to improve energy circulation, relieve discomforts and enhance overall wellness in your child (a safe option with minimal side effects).

Common Pediatric Disorders

  • Respiratory issues: 
    Recurrent cough after flu/cold with phlegm 
    Runny nose/stuffy nose
  • Digestive issues:
    Abdomen pain/bloating Nauseous

  • Sleep issues
    Night crying
    Poor sleep quality
  • Allergy issues:
    Allergic rhinitis
  • Others:
    Frequent bed wetting

Benefit of Pediatric Tuina

  • Improve digestion and nutrients absorption 
  • Strengthen your child’s immune system to be more resilient against infectious diseases (so that your child falls sick less frequently) 
  • Relieve common ailments such as respiratory, digestive and sleep issues  
  • Promote growth and development by regulating the flow of Qi, improving circulation and harmonizing organs functions 
  • Enhance neurological development through stimulating nervous system and improving sensory and motor skills 

How to prepare your child for Pediatric Tuina session

  • For older children, it will be good to explain the process and what to expect during the session. Assure them that it will be a gentle and relaxing experience.  
  • Dress them in loose and comfortable clothing as this allows our physician to access the necessary areas of the body during the session. 
  • Avoid coming in right after a full meal or on an empty stomach prior to the session.  
  • Please inform the physician of any skin allergy or any open wound that your child may have prior to the session. 
  • Our physician will begin consultation to obtain your child’s medical history, including any existing health conditions, allergies, or medications they are currently taking and diagnose based on TCM syndrome differentiation.  
  • A customized Tuina treatment plan will be determined based on your child’s needs, age, and condition. Appropriate acupressure points and techniques will be performed on your child’s body and each session takes around 20-30min to complete.  
  • During the treatment session, our physician will usually recommend simple Tuina techniques for caregivers to carry out at home to enjoy bonding with your child and aid in their recovery

What to expect after a Pediatrics Tuina session

As Pediatric Tuina treatment is gentle and soothing, your child may feel more relaxed with reduced pain and discomfort after a session. It helps promote better sleep in young infants and children, making it easier for them to fall asleep, have a restful sleep and experience fewer disruptions during the night.    

For chronic conditions such as prolong persistent cough, abdomen bloating and/or pain, inconsistent bowel movement, it is advised to come for treatment on a regular basis to alleviate these issues by regulating energy flow in the child’s body, boosting energy level and improving overall vitality.  

Having regular Pediatric Tuina therapy helps to improve energy circulation and harmonize organ’s function for the body to work optimally, promote growth and development and strengthen one’s immunity.

How you can help your child to feel good naturally

In TCM, 养身 Yang Shen is a holistic approach to our overall well-being. This practice of maintaining and improving one’s physical and mental well-being requires us to be disciplined in these few areas: 

  • Have a balanced diet with a wide variety of vegetables and fruits, wholegrains, lean proteins, and healthy fats on your plate. Avoid consuming sugary food and drinks 
  • Ensure your child has sufficient and good quality sleep for restoration and rejuvenation  
  • Monitor your child’s bowel movement to ensure they have formed bowel on daily basis  
  • Make sure your child is happy and positive most of the times  

* It is recommended for parents to seek guidance from a qualified and trained TCM physician to perform Pediatric Tuina treatment on your child. They can tailor the treatment accordingly to your child’s needs while ensuring optimal safety and effectiveness.  It is important to note that every child response differently to Pediatric Tuina, and the effects can vary depending on the child’s individual condition and needs. 


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