TCM Fertility Success Stories

It has always been my joy to see my patients overcome their fertility obstacles and achieve their ultimate blessing  – a baby of their own to cuddle. As you scroll down, you will read their own personal stories and how they peservered on their fertility journey. Bearing in mind, everyone is different and although some might have the same diagnosis as you, you might have different body constitution and lifestyle, which has to be carefully assessed. Book an appointment with me to find out how I can help you. 

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acupuncture for fertility in singapore
acupuncture for fertility in singapore
acupuncture for fertility in singapore
acupuncture for fertility in singapore

Success Stories - #PCOS #Miscarriage

Cheryl(not her real name) was diagnosed with PCOS in 2018 and her ultrasound scan showed features of polycystic ovaries with multiple immature follicles around each ovary. She had irregular periods and was prescribed letrozole. She starting seeing me in Jun 2018 and after taking TCM herbal medications and timing her ovulation, she was tested positive in Dec 2018 but unfortunately miscarried in Jan 2019. She continued to take TCM herbs to regulate her menses and found to be pregnant in May 2019. She continued TCM herbs until the end of her first trimester and successfully gave birth to her baby Jan 2020.

Success Stories - #Anovulation

We been trying to conceive for 2 years. We have always thought the main issue is the irregular period. We decide to go to the hospital for checkup. The gynae advice us to take clomid for 6 months to help to increase the number of eggs. The gynae informed us that this is a cheaper alternative than going through fertility test. Most couples, managed to conceive within the 6 months by taking clomex.

After 6 months, there is still no improvement, he then advice us go for throughout fertility checkup. The checkup consist of both male and female issues. For the male, there will be a semen analysis. For the female, they check if there is a blockage in the fallopian tube and ovulation of the egg. After the checkup, we found out the issues. I have hormone imbalance therefore affecting my ovulating cycle. On the other hand, my husband has abnormal sperm morphology known as Teratozoospermia. To help us, the gynae gave me Letrozole Sandoz to boost ovulation and vigor ace for my husband to increase the quality of the sperm. The gynae told us to try for 3 months, and if there is still no improvement, he recommend us to do IVF.

IVF is not only expensive, but physically texting on the body and not 100% success rate. We decided to try alternative treatment. We source for traditional chinese medicine online, but most of them are chinese speaking. Communication will be a big issue for us as we don’t speak the language.

I start asking around if they know of any chinese practitioner to help with our issues. A friend recommended Dr Pang. He specialise in handling fertility issues and he is able to communicate in English. He is very patience and friendly in giving us appropriate advice. We start seeing him in October for once a week. Every week, we update one another on the progress,  and he will tweak the herbs based on our condition. The herbs is effective that within a short period of 3 months, I managed to conceive successfully. 

As a non-chinese couple, we highly recommend traditional chinese medication for those who have fertility issues. There is no harm trying alternative medication to assists with the issues.

Success Stories - #Endometriosis

Hello my name is Kahmahchi (27) and my husband is Vishnudev (25). I have always wanted to have children. At the age of 20, my partner and I found out that I had endometriosis as I was having irregular periods since my puberty at 16. I had to undergo an operation to remove a growth in my uterus wall at a local hospital. After the operation, it didn’t stop the irregular periods and cramps. I kept trying everything that would give me a child one day. The doctors suggested that I might not be able to have my own children. So, I was telling my family about it and my aunty who is a Chinese told me to go to the TCM. After 5 years of trying, my partner and I decided to visit the TCM. That’s where I met Dr Edmund Pang in December 2016. He helped me to regulate my period and our yin/yang. Then once my period was regular, Dr Pang started chinese herbs for FERTILIY and taking basal temperature for 6 months. In May 2017, I become very fatigue and nausea, I was finally pregnant. I’m so grateful to Dr Pang, it took 6 months of Chinese herbs to help me get pregnant.

Success Stories - #Miscarriage

Rachael came to me when she was 33 years old(Sept 2018). She has been married for 4 years and has been actively trying without success. When they finally conceieved, she found that her pregnancy was a chemical pregnancy. (Aug 2018) After her miscarriage, she started TCM herbs.Her cycle was regular, but her menstrual flow was very little, normally ending at day 3. After TCM herbs for 2 months, she tested positive on Nov 2018. However, she miscarried at week 10.She came back to regulate her menstrual cycle and she was back on TCM herbs. On May 2019, she tested positive again, and she was on TCM herbs to prevent threatened miscarriage.

She delivered her baby on Jan 2020.

Success Stories - #Hyperprolactinemia

Mabel(not her real name) had been trying for a baby for 4 years before coming to me in Jun 2017. She had irregular menses and was diagnosed with hyperprolactinemia. She was taking bromocriptine together with my TCM herbal medications. She was then found to be pregnant in Nov 2017 and successfully delivered her baby on Jun 2018.

Success Stories - #Miscarriage

acupuncture for fertility in singapore

I had two miscarriages at the first trimester in late 2016 and early 2017. And then I had inter-menstrual bleeding in Aug 2017 and went to KK for examinations but no abnormalities were found. We both did the full fertility checkup in Sep 2017 but found nothing abnormal too. Hence I had started the TCM treatment since Dec 2017 under different doctors until May 2018.

We began to try to conceive from then onwards, and went to seek help from Dr Pang in Sep 2018 as recommended by a friend. 

Dr. Pang, as the head of the branch, has been very patient and answered all our questions since our first visit. I got pregnant within a couple of weeks after seeing Dr. Pang, and I started to be worried about the fetus growth, so I visited him every week, and he would adjust the prescription accordingly to keep me and the baby healthy. I stopped to visit Dr. Pang at 10 weeks when the pregnancy was stable, and there was no other complications till the end of my pregnancy. After I gave birth, Dr. Pang even visited me at the hospital and prescribed me some medicine for my swift recovery.

Dr. Pang is patient, responsible, understanding, and knowledgeable. He is like a friend to us. We were lucky to have Dr. Pang as our doctor, and I have recommended him to a lot of friends.

Success Stories - #Endometriosis

Carrie(not her real name) was referred by her friend to me when she was 30 years old(March 2019). She has been married for 2 years and have been actively trying without success.

Her cycle was longer with 35-39 days. Serious menstrual cramp, fatigue, heavy flow with clots during menses.
Ultrasound showed the presence of endometrium fibrin and endometriosis. She was asked to do operation to remove the fibrin and endometrial implants.

Her day 21 progesterone was 22.78, AMH was 3.2.

After 5 weeks of TCM herbs, on May 2019 she had a positive pregnancy kit result.

Upon confirmation with a blood HcG test, she had brown discharge without any serious abdominal pain.

She was on another 2 weeks of TCM herbs before I asked her to stop consuming unless there is other indications for TCM.

On July 2019, her urine sugar was found to be higher-than-normal, and she had cough with green phlegm and sore throat.

She took TCM herbs for another week, took dietary advice for her high blood sugar and I didn’t see her until 1st Jan 2020, where we welcomed her beautiful baby.

Her personal testimonial:


Success Stories - #Unexplained Infertility

Alice(not her real name) was married for 7 years, did a round of IUI in 2016, IVF in 2017 prior to seeing me. Her AMH was very high, 47.5. Her cycles were rather regular, and there was ovulation. However, their timing wasn’t always on time, therefore there was a frustration due to the long period of waiting.  She was on TCM herbs for 3 months before trying another round of IVF in 2018 May. That cycle didn’t work out and she went for a third round in Nov 2018, which was unsuccessful as well. They intended to go Taiwan for IVF, before testing positive by natural conception in March 2019. They took quite a bit of time during their fertility journey but they persevered on. That did the magic and she delivered her baby Jan 2020. 

Success Stories - #Recurrent Miscarriage

Kris(not her real name) had a child in 2012, but miscarried in 2015 and 2016. Her cycles are rather regular and she started taking TCM herbs in May 2017. She persevered on despite her busy schedule to brew her medications and she tested positive on Oct 2017. Her blessing came to this world on Aug 2018.

Success Stories - #Recurrent Miscarriage

Wendy(not her real name) came to me initially for her ankle problems before starting her on TCM medications for her menstrual regulation. She had a weaker constitution and I told her to build up her body constitution before trying for a baby. She found that she has a ovarian cyst on her left ovary. However, she did everything I told her, and she was tested positive after just 3 months of TCM herbs. She delivered her baby on Oct 2019.

Our TCM Physician

Acupuncture for Fertility in Singapore

Edmund graduated with a First Class Hons in Biomedical Sciences and Traditional Chinese Medicine from Nanyang Technological University, before taking a Masters in Gynaecology(TCM) in Liaoning, China. 

He has successfully treated patients with unexplained infertility, polycystic ovarian syndrome(PCOS) and endometriosis and helped them conceive naturally with Traditional Chinese Medicine.

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