San’ Vita – Enhance养生丸




Traditional Chinese Medicine believes that kidneys play a critical and important role throughout our entire lives. It is said to be the foundation to our health and bodies. It mainly influences development and growth, reproduction and affects our hair. Most importantly, kidneys are seen as essence— the core to our energy and overall wellbeing.

  1. Essence: Kidneys are the core to our energy and wellbeing by affecting many physiological functions in the body.
  2. Development and growth: How healthy our kidneys are will directly determine our body’s growth, development, and ageing.
  3. Reproduction: A healthy kidney leads to healthy reproductive capabilities. The kidney also affects fetal growth and development.
  4. Affecting our hair: Healthy, long, dark and thick hair is a sign of a healthy and strong kidney.



  • 肾藏精:是指肾的主要生理功能;
  • 主生长发育:肾脏精气的强弱,影响人的生长,衰老与发育;
  • 主生殖:肾脏精气旺盛是维持孕育能力,繁衍后代的保证;肾精是构 胚胎发育的原始物质。
  • 其华在发:头发的生长,浓密,乌黑,是肾精充足,肾气旺盛的表现。


Supplement the kidney, boost vitality, nourish and darken hair, calm the heart and sooth the spirit.


  • Supplement physical strength, reduce physical fatigue
  • Improve symptoms associated with kidney deficiency, including fatigue, back pain and aches etc.
  • Improves the quality of sleep
  • Helps in reducing early greying of hair




  • 补充体力,缓解疲劳
  • 改善肾虚所致的神疲乏力,腰酸背痛等
  • 改善睡眠质量
  • 有助于减缓鬓发早白

Dosage 服法

For treatment of general body weakness:

2 capsules to be taken each time with lukewarm water, twice a day.

For overall health well-being:

2 capsules to be taken each time with lukewarm water, once a day.



No known side effects and contraindication.


Ingredients 成分

Semen Cuscutae菟丝子, Fructus Rubi覆盆子, Fructus Lycii枸杞子, Fructus Schisandrae Chinensis五味子, Semen Plantaginis车前, Radix Glycyrrhizae甘草, Fructus Tritici Aestivi小麦, Fructus Jujubae大枣, Os Draconis龙骨, Concha Ostreae牡蛎



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