Integrative Approach to Knee Pain

Knee Pain is the 3rd most common complain in our population, with ladies experiencing a higher incidence than men. Most knee pain starts off with pain with climbing stairs and most of us just brush it off as we’re just ageing. Our normal quick fix to knee pain is either to rub some medicated oils/creams or in more serious case, going to the nearest pharmacy or sports shop to get a knee support. We would normally seek medical attention for our knee pain when it gets so bad that it hurts even when we walk. When the doctors take an X-ray of our knees, it is very common to see degeneration of the knee joint, diagnosing you with Osteo Arthritis of your knee, more commonly known as OA knee.

We think wearing a knee guard would decrease our knee pain and when the pain decreases, we think we are cured. Thus, we become very reliant on the knee guard to ease our pain. But guess what? There has been more than enough research over the past 10-15 years that had found that long term usage of knee supports hasten the rate of degeneration of our knees and increases our reliance on the supports to decrease our pain. Have you experience having to replacing your knee supports every few months? Noticed that over the years, your knee has been getting weaker and more painful? Weaker muscles would lead to increased rate of degeneration of the knee joints, ultimately leading to your requiring to undergo a knee replacement just to be able to continue to walk without pain.

EMW Approach to Knee Pain

One of the biggest causes of knee pain is weakness in the quadriceps and buttock muscles and tightness in the hamstring and calves. At EMW, besides addressing your knee pain with the use of equipment like Ultrasound, Interferential Current and/or heat and stretching and strengthening exercises for your tight and weak muscles respectively, we would also look at your movement to identify any biomechanical causes of your knee pain. Biomechanical causes could be coming from your feet, commonly due to wrong choice of footwear for your foot type, or poor control of your hip, causing an increase in the strain in your knee. We would try our very best decrease your knee pain by identifying your cause of pain and gradually strengthen up your weak muscles and stretch your tight muscles to wean you off your reliance on knee supports and give you back your quality of life.

With knee pain, it is always important to treat the symptoms early and not wait till it badly affects your daily life. Seek treatment early to delay the need for surgery.

About Our Physiotherapist

Calvin first started his physiotherapy training at Nanyang Polytechnic, graduating in 2003 with his Diploma in Physiotherapy. He later went to complete his degree with The University of Sydney with a Bachelor of Health Science (Physiotherapy) in 2004 and proceeded to complete his Master of Manual Therapy from the University of Western Australia (UWA) in 2006.

Through his years as a physiotherapist, Calvin had experience working with both local and international athletes, recreational and elite across multiple sports. Calvin had also served on the Singapore Physiotherapy Association Committee as the Co-Chairperson for Membership in 2014/15.

Calvin had also served as a Part-Time Lecturer and Clinical Instructor in Nanyang Polytechnic’s Physiotherapy Program.